The power of being “You”. : Anisha Rao

I , me and myself are considered as selfish words.

But sometimes it’s necessary to revolve around yourself. Giving yourself priority and time is something you need to do at times to acquaint yourself with yourself. No one can do it for you. You fail , you fall, you cry , you try and never give up. These are the means by which you keep life going. Failure and time are the best trachers for during these times we come across people who pardon themselves from standying by ourside ( respect their honesty), there are people who only show they are standing by us but in reality they aren’t ( respect them for showing you the darker side) and there are sweet and genuine people who actually empathize with you , show you the path and are always there for you. ( Cherish these souls for they are your people).

When you fall and rise you actually get to know the side of yourself you  didn’t know about. Be kind to yourself, love yourself and respect yourself, only when you do this to yourself is when you can give it to others. A miserable person who is always in state of anguish can never be a happy soul as he is searching for happiness in others whereas happiness begins with acceptance from within.

Live a life true to yourself. Stay content and connected with the real you and you will never need any validation from anyone. If I compare my life to what I was living I would say I too made that mistake of trying to please everyone. Love and consider everyone. When I faced turmoils in my life , dejection, loss is when I realised it’s only me and a palmfull of peope who I can call mine. So please allow and choose wisely. Liberate people who are there only in good times for they are the diggers , cherish those who stand by you in your lows. They are your people. Summon the courage to face all situations with a smile and by leaving your ego aside as ego is a small word bit can have a grave influence on relationships.

So, don’t be harsh on you. Forgive and learn. What’s meant to be will be. Live life like sipping coffee. Slow and happy.

Article By : Anisha Rao ( )

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