Education: ” The compassionate way!” : Anisha Rao

The word “education” too comes with caution. Caution with what we are teaching, spreading and allowing not only the children or youth but the world to understand of us. Is education going to elite institution the essence of it??
The answer is certainly “NO”.. The true essence of education is values, morals culture, awareness coupled with polished form of knowledge and etiquette.
Education also refers to making our youth, millennials as well as tiny tots aware of environmental health, animal welfare and duties and responsibilities they need to discharge with respect to all platforms. Education therefore refers to creating best of the best .
We as humans have made education with regards to bookish knowledge mandatory and on basis of that result we determine ones capability, IQ and also the background of the person.. Like really??
The question here is how component are we to judge others on bases of scores?? If that would be so reliable would we have an Einstein who invented the most significant resource . Let’s think about another less discussed aspect of being recognized as a literate in true sense, it may sound abstract but it’s one if the most indispensable part of life, that’s, kindness a language by all for all.
Kindness is the language understood by all… This is what philosophy teaches… But I guess we restrict it only to the situation and condition.. Speaking up, standing against cruelty towards animals or even the under privileged for that matter has become a big taboo.. I have a question.. Would u find it viable to face unruly behavior for no reason?? Or shooed away every now and then?? No, right!! Then why this treatment towards other beings.?? This world, this earth was made for all beings. Let’s spread this wave of awareness as a significant part of our education and make living worth a while! After all what goes around comes around.. It’s us who shape our destination.
Think about it!

Article by : Anisha Rao ( )
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