“We have a right to live”: we are the voiceless , Please be our voice. – Anisha Rao

It is said, Animals have equal rights to live on this Earth just as us humans. But unfortunately this is not the case. Owing to the alarming rate of animal cruelty cases, animal lovers are compelled to condemn the law and the judiciary system wherein justice is always denied to the voiceless. Janwar hi toh hai”, this is the ridiculous attitude towards these innocent souls. There are various amendments mentioned by the Animal Welfare Association of India, but no one really following them. Cruelty in any form is abominable.

Feeding animals is not a crime, and our honorable Prime Minister too in his speech as applaed to the public to take care of these souls. It’s overwhelming to see our protectors that’s the police force too helping in quenching thirst and satisfying hunger not only of the needy but of the voiceless too.

But unfortunately due to the lockdown many areas are sealed which are leading to starvation and deprivation of essentials to these poor souls. In this time of crisis we need to consider these souls who are dependent on us for their livelihood. Also there are any animals being abandoned on the streets . Animals don’t spread Corona virus. Even after repeated requests to not abandon these voiceless babies we come across cases where they are left trapped in houses or tied to poles. This makes me question humanity.

Being an active feeder I too have faced many hurdles with respect to feeding where people have intimidated. I remember an incident where a man in my society had abused me and nearly raised his hand just because his wife is scared of dogs. Also the place where I feed has the least compassionate people after a lot of letters and arguments I am able to now feed them. I feed 38 dogs and 10 cats. I give them rice, milk and chapatti daily. I manage the expenses on my own which is not a problem at all. My only concern here is due to this sealing we r unable to feed these babies. I have also rescued a few dogs right from distemper cases to paralyzed cases . It really saddens me to say people pass by don’t even sympathize with their agony. It’s my appeal to please help animal feeders and volunteers to help these souls. Animals dependent on us for their living. They satisfy their hunger either by feeding on the trash thrown by is or the food fed by us. As an animal volunteer I feel helpless  as I am unable to feed these souls due to the lockdown and sealing of areas. The limited availability of resources at soaring high prices coupled with innumerable stomachs to feed has indeed become a matter of concern. Further adding to that the increase in abandoning of pets is very depressing. It’s repeatedly said that animals don’t contract nor spread covid 19 and even after this confirmation from WHO the abandoned cases are increasing rapidly. My only appeal as an animal volunteer is please come and help feed these souls. They too area creation of nature and should be treated with equal respect. Let’s spare a thought for these voiceless

 Let’s become their guardian angel and their voice. A small slice of bread would not change your world but certainly change the scenario for that soul.

Spreading awareness is the need of the hour which should actually start from school level and of course values of respecting each and every being on this planet earth should be inculcated right from  the childhood by the parents.  One imbibes what one sees, correct attitude towards animals or birds too should be an act of compassion displayed by parents as it is said charity begins at home. Stray animals have no shelter, no one to care or feed them, their every breath is a struggle let’s not worsen their plite. But still there are humble souls who effortlessly and dedicatedly serve these animals irrespective of any hurdle with respect to weather, health or financial conditions and most importantly the lockdown. Resq Charitable trust for animals, Karma Foundation, Cold nose shelter and animal rescue trust and many more work with zest to save these souls. Animal rescue trust is the only shelter that has a retirement home for these babies from abandoned to paralyzed their doors are open for all.

If we can’t help and love we should neither be the cause of their agony. Laying emphasis on religious grounds, no religion, philosophy or scripture permits one to commit any heinous or barbaric acts towards these poor souls. Let’s all join hands and demand stricter laws for animal abusers to curb this menace.

Cruelty in any form is vindictive and full of malice and hatred, lets become kind and compassionate. Let’s spread love to all these voiceless souls; it’s the only thing they desire. Let’s assure to make this Earth a beautiful place to live for the entire creation of the universe. It takes nothing to be kind. It’s basically only the stray animals in cities that are suffering… animals with masters at worst are only slightly inconvenienced due to lack of agility… therefore it is always good to have a master to take care of you. And who can be a better master than God? We are proving how mankind is actually the destroyer of nature. It is said that mankind is the only expendable species on Earth… it’s being demonstrated now

Let’s spare a thought and give them also a chance to live happily!!!!!

Article by : Anisha Rao ( anisharao93@gmail.com )
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