“My imperfections : My pride”. – Anisha Rao

Perfect! What is perfect? We all have this vague idea of living a perfect life .

And when our level of perfection doesn’t meet the happenings around us we get taken aback , depressed, frustrated and some of us even go through anxiety. The first step towards living a truly content life is to live it as it comes and accept victories with grace and defeat with a positive attitude for when you fall is when you learn to stand up . It’s only during the time of struggle you get acquainted with your real self, your abilities, your power and the most powerful weapon is you , yourself and no one can take that away. Believe in yourself , love your self accept your follies for every imperfection in you is beautiful.

I too thought I was living a perfect life. I had a complete family, best education , luxuries at the tip of my toes, a smooth relationship , what else could I have asked for? But as the say change is constant. If you have good times you have to deal with the worst too. Little did I know the worst was just a knock away. My perfectly perfect life became imperfection personified. My relationship broke which I never expected due to which I had gone into depression for several months where I even used to get scared to step out of my own house. After long withdrawal period of six months I asked my self the reason for torturing my soul. Was that even worth it?

It’s then I realised loosiñg someone was nothing but my fear. I then started recollecting all my weakness and acknowledged each one of them and got to conclude that imperfection is the new perfect. I accepted all the negatives and revolutionized myself as a new independent and emotionally string person who wouldn’t fall prey to words.

So, life is a beautiful journey of ups and downs. Let’s not think of the destination and keep living it but with a smile…

Article By : Anisha Rao ( anisharao93@gmail.com )

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